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My Truth

Posted in Reflections on 09/21/2013 by Jess


I know that I am not the kind of girl that people find beautiful.

I’m not an eye catcher or a head turner and I doubt that I could ever level anyone with my eyes or take someone’s breath away.

I don’t believe that I am particularly interesting.  My life is somewhat boring.

What I do know is that my heart is as big as the ocean and it is a shame that it is being wasted.  I’m funny and easy going and not too hard to please.  I am loyal and creative.  I love with all of me.

I love laughing and practical jokes; art and music. Animals soothe me.  I love words and poetry and good stories. 

I believe that all children should have enchanted childhoods filled with magic and adventure and wonder and love.

Despite our short comings, I believe in the good in all of us.  Even if it is a small good, it can still push out the darkness. If we let it.