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The Little Things

Posted in Reflections on 09/22/2010 by Jess

Isn’t it funny how little things can remind you of someone.  The other day I stopped by McDonald’s on the way home from work and ordered a hot fudge sundae.  It reminded me of my friend Jordan and how when he lived in the apartment down stairs from mine, we would make midnight McDonald’s runs or how he would just come up to my place when he needed to talk sometimes.  Anytime I see anything be-speckeld, I think of Jeff and his crazy, speckled fraternity paddle.  It was befitting of his random, spontaneous personality.  Songs remind me of friends too.  If I hear anything Weezer, I automatically think of my friend Holly.  We rocked out to Weezer’s blue album in middle and high school.  She loved Green Day too and her Dookie T-shirt.  Dave Matthews and Birkenstocks remind me of my Big Bro Rob.  Riding around in his Green Jeep, Dave Matthews playing almost constantly, his black and white fan air freshners spinning away.  Slamming on breaks or almost running red lights make me think of the Spaz (Andy).  We did that a lot which often resulted in him screaming at the top of his lungs and taking on an uncharacteristic southern accent.  I think Rachel experienced this with us a couple of times.  Walking in the rain reminds me of James and the time that he helped me search for my keys on north campus in the midst of a monsoon.  A roll of toilet paper sitting on top of the holder, makes me think of Miguel and the time he accidentally knocked the whole roll in the toilet and he and Irby had to fish it out with a coat hanger.  Cake icing makes me think of Phil and the time I smushed it all over his face.

There are so many moments and memories that I could go on forever really.  If you aren’t mentioned above don’t think that there aren’t little things that make me think of you.  I guarantee you that there is something that brings your face to mind and the warm feelings of friendship and love that I will forever have for you.  If you want to know just ask.

I say all of this to say that everyone that comes into our lives becomes a part of us.  They are always with us, no matter where we go or what we do in life.  We are forever connected regardless of whether we talk everyday, years apart, or never gain.  You all mean the world to me and I love you.


Animal House

Posted in Pets/Animals on 09/15/2010 by Jess

Currently, there are 4 dogs and 3 cats (not to mention 3 humans) living in my house.  At times it is quite insane, but for the most part things generally go pretty smoothly.  I recently moved back in with my parents and their 2 dogs, due to my house entering foreclosure, and brought with me my brood of 5 fuzzy, four-legged children.  I don’t know that I ever intended to have 5 pets (all spayed and neutered).   I most certainly had no intention of having 3 cats.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love kitties.  I’ve just always seen myself as a definite “dog person.”  I’d like to think that my feline babies came into my life to help me realize that I’m not just a dog or cat person.  I’m an animal person.

I’ve often heard that we don’t choose our pets, they choose us.  I couldn’t agree more.  Of the 5 animals I have, only one of them was actually sought for.  The rest have come to be with me by chance (or fate or divine intervention…however you see it).  I believe that animals come into our lives for a purpose, just as people do.  I love that each of them has their own quirky personality.  Here is our current cast of four-legged characters:


Sunny is my heart.  She is a sweet beagle (and who knows what else) mix that I adopted from the Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter when she was approximately 5 weeks old (She’s 4.5 years old now). She is a very smart and funny girl who is convinced that the broom is an animate object.

Prince (aka Peet)

Peet is my snuggle bug.  He is a yappy, chihuahua mix that thinks he is a bull mastiff. I got him from a friend who rescued him from the side of the road in July of 2008 (he was about 4 months old).  I’ve had him for about 2 years now.


Buddy is my wittle bwudda.  He’s a rough and tumble Boston Terrier.  Momma and Daddy got him from a friend that needed a good home for him and have had him for about 3 years.  He’s his daddy’s boy (and snores like him too).


Kelsie is my sweet heart.  She’s as much my dog as she is my momma and daddy’s.  Kelsie thinks that she’s everybody’s momma. She is a beautiful Shepherd mix.  She showed up as a stray at the house during my Freshman year of college.  She is at least 11 years old.


Roo is my independent girl.  She was born on my bedroom floor on October 22, 2007.  She is a tortie point Siamese Mix and kind of looks like she’s been playing in white paint. She comes to me when I sing to her.


Welfare (he came with that name) is my vocal boy.  He came with my house (or former house rather) when I bought it in 2007.  He is at least 4 years old, but could be older than 13.  He is a very sweet boy that never hesitates to tell me when he wants something.

Creepy (aka Bill)

Creepy (recently dubbed Bill by my daddy) is my diamond in the rough.  I started taking care of him in February of 2009 when he showed up at my house in serious need of medical attention.  A brawler in his tomcat days (he has the scars to show for it), Bill has turned into quite the easy going fella since he has parted ways with “the boys.”

Creepy is the newest addition to the family.  Initially I had no intention of keeping him an had planned to take him to the animal shelter until I learned that he has FIV.  Had I taken him to the shelter (luckily they were closed the day he showed up), he would have been euthanized because of his FIV, since they struggle to find homes for the droves of healthy cats that come through their doors each year, and I don’t know that I could have dealt with that knowledge.  I would have felt directly responsible for his death.  For a while I had to play musical cats because Creepy was very territorial and would attack the other cats (FIV is spread from cat to cat through penetrating bite wounds).  After he was neutered, he calmed down some, but continued to exhibit territorial behavior towards other male cats (Welfare in particular).  Amazingly, after moving in with my parents, he and Welfare are getting along fine.  I truly feel that he was meant to be a part of our family.

I Feel It In the Air

Posted in Reflections on 09/13/2010 by Jess

The coming of Fall always excites me.  Autumn is without a doubt my absolute favorite season.  If there was some way for me to live in an eternal Fall, that’s where I would be.  The wind, the changing leaves, the warm amber glow that the sun casts on everything in the afternoon, all exude an aura of nostalgia.

I’ve often wondered why I feel such a connection with Fall.  Perhaps its that I’m a Fall baby (remember remember the 5th of November!).  I’d like to think that while still in my mother’s womb, that it was this time of year that the soul within me first began to stir, began to feel alive.  Perhaps that is why I long so for the first breath of mellow Autumn air as the sultry summer begins to fade.

While it is true that so much of Fall is about winding down and approaching an end, there is life in it still.  Fall brings back so many memories of lazy afternoons spent reading or watching football with all the windows open, hamburgers on the grill, a soft autumn breeze drifting in.  The hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins and children come alive with hope and excitement.

To me Fall is simply about being.  It speaks of comfort and connection.  It is a season ripe with completion and reflection.

“Yellow, mellow, ripened days,
Sheltered in a golden coating;
O’er the dreamy, listless haze,
White and dainty cloudlets floating;
Winking at the blushing trees,
And the sombre, furrowed fallow;
Smiling at the airy ease,
Of the southward flying swallow
Sweet and smiling are thy ways,
Beauteous, golden Autumn days.”

Will Carleton
Autumn Days

Fresh Start

Posted in Blog on 09/13/2010 by Jess

So, lately I’ve been feeling that I need some sort of creative outlet.  I’ve had the itch to write a lot lately, so I’ve decided that the blog’s the thing…for now at least.  We’ll see.